Sports Performance Programming

Unlock Your Potential as an Athlete


The first step as an athlete training at Double Eagle Performance is a series of science based assessments. This process will begin with an online questionnaire followed by a comprehensive movement, power, and motion analysis assessment with our team at our facility during your initial visit. The assessments will provide a blue print by which we develop a science based individualized training program to address your athletic strengths and weaknesses. Allowing for the acceleration of your athletic career to the next level.

Sports Performance Training

Double Eagle Performance delivers on-field success though scientifically based training programs which assist the athlete in preventing injury, moving better, getting stronger, and more powerful specific to their sport. The driver of the programming is a training template comprised of mobility/flexibility training, corrective exercise, dynamic activation, power development, core exercise, metabolic, and functional strength training in accordance to the athlete's individual needs and requirements of their sport.

Recovery And Regeneration

Performance training is only one facet of athletic development at Double Eagle. Physiological recovery and regeneration are key components of long term athletic success. This process is comprised of proper nutrition, rest, and the implementation of recovery strategies including massage, chiropractic care, and physical therapy all of which are available at Double Eagle. This comprehensive approach to athlete care separates your experience and enhances your development as an athlete.

Advisory Support

The process of advancing from the high school to the collegiate and professional level can be an overwhelming situation for many athletes and parents. Double Eagle Performance offers advisement and support services in assisting athletes with college choices, career path decisions, and management services. Off field decisions are integral in the development of an athletic career and with over 15 years of experience in the professional sporting industry, Double Eagle Performance can be of great assistance in these processes.

Proven Sports Performance Training Programs

For over 20 years, Double Eagle Performance has been working with the best athletes to make them better. We are committed to propelling his athletes from JV to Varsity, High School to College, and College to the Professional Ranks. If you want to get better Double Eagle Performance is your answer.

We provide answers on how to become a faster, stronger, and a more intelligent athlete.

Data Collection and Assessments are the first order of business to create a baseline, identify strengths, weaknesses, and where improvements are to be made.

Once our assessments process are completed a science based sports performance program is designed to address your individual needs as an athlete. This program will be comprised of both the macro-level and micro-level components required for your athletic development.

Individualized Sports Performance Programming

Programs are designed and implemented after an initial assessment that are based on the individual needs of the athlete and demands of their sport. Physical weaknesses are addressed, strength and power developed, mobility and flexibility improved, and functional movement enhanced. All of which are geared towards injury prevention and athletic enhancement. Each Athlete will work and train with Double Eagle. Athlete to coach ratio will never exceed 3 to 1 so personalized attention can be provided in the areas of instruction, education, and motivation. Our Sports Performance Programs are structured to assist each athlete in their goals to achieve a higher level of success using a data driven and science based approach for optimal results.

The Future Of Sport

“Do Today What Most Athletes Won’t, So Tomorrow You Can Do What Most Athletes Can’t.”

Training Options

Double Eagle Performance offers a multitude of training options to accommodate all level of athletes and their schedules. In-season, off-season, out of state week long, and remote training programs are all available. Programs for the high school, collegiate, and professional athlete are space limited for optimal training. New athletes are accepted on interview basis only. Contact us via email on programming and costs.



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