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Professional Sports

Education, consultation, and oversight of the implementation of sports science programming, assessment strategies, motion analysis technology, and training protocols to support the sports medicine, strength and conditioning, and sports performance staffs of the professional sports organization are available. Tell us your needs and DEP will help you succeed.

Collegiate Teams

Elevate your athletes, coaches, and program. Go beyond your current resources and envelope your players with cutting edge science, training modalities, and recovery techniques. Build your athletes to improve weaknesses, reduce injuries, train scientifically, and remove the subjective side of performance training. Elevate your program to a higher level with the support of our staff at Double Eagle Performance.


Outings, corporate engagements, client entertainment, seminars, and educational programming are available to your organization. Tell us your needs as a business, the corporate engagement you are seeking, or the employee wellness programming you desire, and allow our team to develop the programming solutions for you. Improve relationships, outputs, and overall success of your company with Double Eagle Performance.

Educational Seminars

Take performance to the next level with educational programming from Double Eagle. Expand your knowledge base with educational workshops on sports science programming, data driven approaches to athlete development, sports specific training, and the latest in cutting edge training techniques. Tell us the educational needs of your staff or organization and Double Eagle will provide a program to meet your needs.

Global Education & Consultation Services

Raise your game, improve your athletic program, attract more student athletes, create client engagement, accelerate your career, increase your knowledge base, and put your business at a competitive advantage. Take the next step for advancement in your endeavors with the assistance of  Double Eagle Performance.


Knowledge Is Power – Industry Expertise To Elevate Your Team, Organization, Athletes, And Career

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