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Your time is important to us. We believe in giving our patients value for their time. Our hands on approach allows us to individually tailor our patient’s rehabilitation needs on a minute to minute basis. It’s time to stop doing 3 set of 10 repetitions  in the corner of your local physical therapy practice wondering if you are helping or hurting you condition. We don’t answer to the corporate Wizard of Oz of Physical therapy pushing for more patient visits per hour. Your results matter to us a health care professionals and the time you’re spending trying to get better certainly matters to you. Unlock a Higher Level of Achievement beginning Today. 


Access Double Eagle's experience in the biomechanical analyzation of athletic movements of the rotary athlete. Through 3-D motion analysis technology we determine the efficiencies or inefficiencies in your hitting, pitching, or throwing motion. Complete the loop of training, learning ,and advancement as an athlete with a science base instructional tool analyzing your current motion to the top athlete’s in the world.

Performance Training

Double Eagle Performance is a science based training facility focused on the athlete, executive, team, or organization seeking sustainable success. Through a process of science based assessments, performance testing, biomechanical analysis, and nutritional evaluation. A plan is developed and then executed for optimal results and long term success. The backbone of Double Eagle Performance is performance technology, analyzation, equipment, and science based programming.

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Dr. Timothy Harris, DPT, PT, CSCS, ART, TPI

Co-Owner Double Eagle

Dr. Peter Bonadonna, DPT, PT, STMT, PLDN, TPI

Co-Owner Double Eagle

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