Video Analysis is like an X-ray, where 3-D technology is like an MRI. 3-D is the only way to accurately measure if a swing is efficient.”
– Dr. Greg Rose, Co-Founder TPI Sports

Stop Guessing And Start Learning With Double Eagle Performance Motion Analysis

3‐D Motion Analysis Of Your Golf Swing, Hitting, Or Pitching Motion

Developed by the Titleist Performance Institute, TPI 3D is a powerful motion capture software platform that consistently and accurately analyzes the Biomechanics of the Golf Swing, Pitching, and Hitting Motions. Used by the top PGA, LPGA, and MLB Players to improve their performance parameters is now available for athletes of all ages and levels.

Human Motion Capture System

The wireless system instantaneously captures your hitting, throwing, or swinging motion and measures your power signature, athletic efficiencies, kinetic chain sequencing, and speed developmental characteristics, comparing your 3D motion to the world’s best PGA, LPGA, and MLB players. Analyzed by our team at Double Eagle a comprehensive report of your hitting or throwing motion will be provided giving you and your coaches a road map for improvement.

Improve Your Game And Discover A Better Way

“Improving human motion has never been easier”
  • Measure Your Movement Patterns with Accuracy Not Possible with Cameras or Naked Eye
  • Understand How as an Athlete You Move and Create Action Plans to Improve Performance Based on Biomechanical and Kinematic Sequence Reports
  • Train the Right Motions and Increase Your Athletic Proficiency with Scientific Based Programming
  • Connect Your Training in the Gym with Your Instruction on the Field
  • Allow Double Eagles and his Over 15 years of Experience in Biomechanical Analysis, Professional Athletics, and Motion Capture to Unlock the Steps for Continued Success

Instantenous Biofeedback

Using the K-Vest wireless motion analysis system provides immediate graphs, reports, and feedback to assess, evaluate, and determine the efficiencies and inefficiencies in your swinging, hitting, or throwing motion. Instantaneous feedback on your power outputs, swing speeds, throwing velocities, sequencing, and areas for improvement will be provided and analyzed by our team.

Comprehensive 3d Report And Analyzation

Double Eagles will provide this information in a comprehensive report and provide insight on training and instruction initiatives for accelerated improvement. The information and analyzation by our team and can be shared with your coach and trainer to assist in developing the appropriate training plan for success. Our team will utilize their 8 plus years of experience in the fields of biomechanics, performance training, golf, and baseball to provide you with expert analysis, reporting, and planning for future success. Stop guessing, start learning, and making improvements beginning today.

Cost Per Motion Analysis Date Capture Session: $250.00

please inquire about team and group rates


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3‐Dimensional Biomechanical Motion Analysis Data Capture & Report: $175.00